Monday, January 08, 2007

Media Converter 1.21 Released

Long time, no updates. Well, upon hearing about the N800, I thought to add support for resolution text file. You can now specify your resolutions and frame speeds that are to appear in the resolution drop down. This is mainly for just tuning the resolutions for 770 and N800 more easily.


Anything else? Indeed! A new icon by Benoit Ricaud. It looks terrific! Icon is used in windows and OSX versions.

Resolutions file looks like this:
Low Quality (240x144)
Action Movie (288x208)
High Quality (352x208) 3/4 fps
Very High Quality (352x288) 1/2 fps
MPlayer Optimal (400x240)
MPlayer HD Video (400x480) 1/4 fps

It is located in installation folder in windows and inside the app in OSX.

So, first you define the name, followed by resolution in Brackets () and then if you need to lower the fps, the division of 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4. No other fps choices are available.

If you wonder why there is the HD video option, even though it has lousy FPS, it is brilliantly suitable for slideshow like videos. For example if you make a iPhoto slideshow and save it as video, that will look stunning on the 400x480 resolution.

So, if anyone of you has the new N800, please tell me what resolutions it supports. Especially I'm interested in knowing whether the 400x240 resolution works in full fps.