Thursday, March 08, 2012

Native code for flash

Adobe is just insane.

I'm again having some time and space in my mind to look at the world around me. A huge work related milestone was reached today. Something ended and something starts. It's a really big shame that the things that do succeed in my new position are definitely something I would not be able to share for a long long time with anybody outside of Nokia.

I wrote some time ago about how insane the flash 11 is for 3D support with a very concise representation compared to that of html5 and silverlight. Now, adobe really has done it. Adobe alchemy allows conversion of c/c++ code into low level actionscript bytecode. Secure execution at native speed. Full GDB support, compiles with gcc, supports all the tricks c++ has in its sleeve. Just insane. The bytecode is now running at 40% native, wiht high hopes to get it to 80% native speed before alchemy is launched. You also get finally direct access to converted c++ libraries from AS code. All existing code assets are finally browser compatible.

If you are interested in where online gaming is heading in the future, look no further.

As a demonstration, Epic has converted the >1MLoc unreal engine with alchemy. Watch this whether you are or are not not a coder.

If you are a coder, you need to reserve 45 minutes and watch the video. I am serious. You *have* to watch it.

This is bliss. Triple-a -level games coming to facebook ;). Then push button conversion to adobe air application for your favorite i or android device. I wonder how this will work for windows phone in the future.