Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UKMP 1.0 out

UKMP is a music player for the Nokia internet tablets 770 and N800. It focuses on ease of use of graphic way of accessing your music.

It comes out on two skins: light and dark. This is mainly in the interest on supporting theming in the future versions and currently just to work better in sunlight. The dark skin is a bit too dark to really work when you are on the move, so the light skin is better for those situations.

Here is a screenshot of the dark skin:

It took much longer than I anticipated to get the ukmp out. This has mainly been because of problems playing mp3s that have cover data in their id3 tags.

New in this release is the support for all mp3s, a bit modified layout and support for seeking forward and backward in the song.

You can download ukmp from here:

It needs python, so if you don't have it, you can install it from here:
Python installation

If you have never heard of the payer, have a look at this video I conjured for your pleasure: Link to demo video