Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Media Converter 1.3 released!

1.30 7.2.2007

About a month since the last update. Now that I have N800, I have been able to work a bit on making media converter to be a one stop program for N800 and 770 users for their video conversion needs.

Latest version contains separate resolutions for 770 and N800 users. There is a drop down at the top left where you choose your device and resolutions will be listed accordingly. Also, once you have tuned your favourite settings (such as output dir, device, resolution, bit rates), MC will remember in the future what settings you had. How cool is that?

There has been some problems with videos that do not tell mencoder how long they are. Thus mencoder doesn't report that to MC and grief will ensue, as the progress bar isn't moving. As a quick solution, I have added a seconds counter that reports how many seconds of the video has already been processed. It's a bit of a quick a dirty, but much better that the 0% progress bar.

And while not yet completely debugged, I have added a HD resolution of 400x480 to the N800 resolutions. It looks terrific, but the automatic cropping of video doesn't do a prefect job at the moment and the video is in 1/2 fps for the time being. I should work for 770 mplayer users as well.

Windows users should also be happy to hear that any previous users with problems opening the media converter (due to java installation problems) should now be able to open MC.

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Downloads for windows, OSX and Linux here:

Oh, new release of Theme Maker is just around the corner. I've put quite a bit of work to it and I just want to test it out really well before launching it. However, if you are interested in it, pop me an email and I can send out a beta now.