Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Media Converter 1.2 Beta released

1.2 beta 25.10.2006

1.2 beta released finally. Too long since the last major update. This one does rock though, so digg in:
(Linux, Windows, OSX powerPC versions)

Intel OSX version does not fit into garage limits,
so download that from here:

Here's the changelog:
Added support for user to able to define destination directory. Quite many people have been asking for this feature. I made it quickly now so that it won't save the users settings, but future versions will save users directory settings.
Minor tweaks to UI.
Tested on OSX Intel.
Much improved video quality. At some point the second pass of the HQ mode was dropped (and instead it just repeated phase 1). Second pass has now been added. Big thanks and tons of kudos go to Andrea Gronchi for noticing the problem and suggesting a fix!

Why is that beta then?
Well, new features mean probable small bugs, so let me know asap you hit them.

A little bit about my life. We successfully moved with my wife to a new flat. I also switched to mac mini and been spending my time getting home fixed and my work place (mac mini) in working order. Expect a proper mac installer in the near future!

Moving stopped development of another hobby project for the 770: Media Center. I can tell you that it will most positively rock. However, with not enough time for 770 development, it's coming together slowly. I will next focus a bit on theme maker so that it will support Nokias own template. If I'm lucky that will be done tomorrow, if not, well, then it won't be done. I acquired a potential new contract that is apparently on a bit tight schedule, so if that begins tomorrow, I'll be doing that for a week or so with probably not much spare time left. Mans gotta get paid once in a while as well.


  1. It seems like the intelosx version is unavailable to casual user like me. Could you check the file attributes for the share, if it is a mikroverkko share on the university server. I had a similar case once... Thanks! Great app!

  2. I updated the permissions. Thanks!

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