Thursday, February 21, 2008

USBControl and Theme Maker

Just a quick short blog post

As requested, I packed in the weekend USBControl as a seprate package. I also upgraded it so that it works even after a reboot. LOL. the previous one actually only worked until you rebooted the device and lost the access to edit your USB mode after that. LOL indeed. I didn't realize that, as I really don't reboot my device too often. Kudos to nokia for the stable device.

Anyway, the new package runs as sudo, so it's able to edit the file even later on. (security people can now cry iik!).

You can install it from here (yo need to have python installed before though):

I'll put it to repos in a few days time, but before that, try it out and let me know how you like (or dislike) it.

Current version also tells the status of the usb as well as the devices attached to your tablet.


  1. Thanks for making a separate package.

    I like the new UI. It is very nice to get some feedback of what is happening.

    However I still have the problem that it gets stuck on b_idle. Any idea why that could be? Do I have the wrong female -> female converter?

  2. First, you need to click on HOST to go to host mode. OTG mode is not the one you want to use if you want to connect devices to your n810/n800.

    You might also need to click on the refresh button to see the change.

  3. Thanks for that. So that covered the USBControl part of the post headline.

    So any Theme Maker news to share?

  4. Hei,
    Thanks for the app. - very convenient. I'm familiar with Host and OTG, but what is "peripheral" mode used for? Also, is there a good reference available for the various messages received? Kiitti -

  5. Anonymous05:44

    I installed it, clicked around a bit, went back to otg mode and now I can't USB to my PC. Nothing happens. Its in b_idle and doesn't do anything. How can I reset to before I started pressing buttons?

  6. Anonymous14:12

    I installed the program on my N800 and N810. The N800 works fine. The N810 does not work when I select the HOST mode. Unlike the N800, the N810 sits at b_idle and does nothing. Both are running the latest OS2008 FW. Any idea what may the problem be? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for usbcontrol!
    Only a tiny remark: I think "user/multimedia" is not the appropriate Application Manager category.

  8. Steve20:35

    I'm having trouble installing USBControl on my N810. I consistently get a failed to install message 75% through the download. This is over dialup, so it takes about 10 mins to get that far.

    Could it be timing out?

  9. Anonymous14:04

    Same situation as another comment here: n800 works fine, n810 getting always b_idle.
    The only way i got it working was connecting to the female-female thing an usb male Y cable connected to powered hub. I suspect that injecting power makes the host mode transition possible.

  10. Anonymous12:05


  11. Sam Grove20:48

    I installed USBControl; no problem.
    I dismantled an old USB hub that I got as a freebie and used a Dremel type tool and cutoff wheel to remove the dual stacked USB receptacle from the rest of the pcb by cutting the board. I wired the data lines directly and was able to copy files from my camera.

  12. Anonymous06:14

    770 version PLEASE!

  13. Anonymous06:15

    Please roll a 770 version ...your karma will love u 4 it :)

  14. Anonymous20:05

    The site seems to be weak.

    This post is April 24 2008.

    What do we users who wouldn't know python from a snake do?

    It would not load in my N810

    It sounds like great programming but if you are not a programmer it is usless.

  15. Anonymous09:16

    I've tried to connect my Celluon CL850 via USB to my N800(IT2008OS) but for pity it was not recognized :( Can you help me to use my projection keyboard with my Nokia please :) I've made a USB A Female to USB A Female and test it with a Kingston USB Mass Storage device it worked perfectly. I got support of the Celluon keyboard on SUSE 10.1 please help me with anything

  16. Sounds like you'll need to use a powered hub to power the projection keyboard. The current provided from n810 / n800 is enough for normal keyboards or wireless keyboards, but not enough for laser / projection kb.

  17. I have been trying to install USBControl but getting the following message "Software contains updates to packages installed from different source and is likely to harm the system. Contact the software Author".
    I have Nokia 800 with OS2008.
    Please help me to overcame this problem. Thanks

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  20. Can u help me?
    Error Message: "unable to update ukmp.
    Some application packages required fir the update are missing"
    OS2008 version: 5.2008.43-7

  21. I've installed usbcontrol today, but it's doesn't show any GUI. Is there a workaround for that?

  22. I had to rebuild my N800 and after I reinstalled USBCONTROL, it would not run. It was running fine before I rebuilt. I have tried ver 1.0 and 1.3. I run it in xterm and it is prompting for a password. I set it up to run as root and removed the sudo runstandalone stuff and then it complains that sapwood server is not running (app appears to run but the buttons don't display properly. Is there something else I can try?