Monday, March 24, 2008

Theme Maker 1.1.3 out

I took a bit time off to polish the Theme Maker. The latest version, 1.1.3 now supports also background images. Background images will appear in the image list of the the 'select background image' dialog.

So, what is the Theme Maker anyway?

It's an easy to use tool for creating themes for the Maemo devices like N800 and N810. All you need is a image editor program like gimp of photoshop and a little patience. It works on OSX, Windows (all versions) and Linux. You'll need java from Sun to run it.

Basically, it's all about editing one single image file like this (this is a small part of a theme template only):

and then setting the theme details in Theme Maker like this:

And Clicking build in theme maker. It will produce a nice installable .deb file of your theme. Just copy that to your device (or publish it ... whatnot) and install it as normal. Now just set your theme on your device and it will transform to something like this (well, for NuvoPearl it looks like this):

And, as stated in the first paragraph of this blog, now themes also include the backgrounds so that your theme is more complete. Icons are still not changeable, but let's see what I can do about them in the future...

If you have a bit of artist in you, please try out the theme maker (install java if needed):

And if you liked NuvoPearl theme pictured above, you can install the latest version from here:


  1. Underscore12:02

    Thanks! I was wondering if it was just for me that the background wasn't being included in the package. Thanks for all your hard work on Theme Maker.

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Thanks so much for doing this. This is one of those apps I like because it makes the IT fun to play with.

    Your hard work is most appreciated.

  3. Lester09:59

    Big thanks!

  4. many thanks , and it would be great if we have a nuvo pearl black theme ;)

  5. Anonymous14:55

    also I'm interested for a nuvo black theme!

  6. Fantastic work! Looks like a lot of effort was put into this, thanks! I hope this spawns a site like the site :)

  7. Anonymous10:10

    Wow thanks, you're hard work is appreciated!

    I'm new to the whole N800 thing and I'm sad about our limited theme options (although Nuvoclear is great!) so this tool is amazing!

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