Monday, September 01, 2008

Tracker and vala goodness

I was just today looking at some examples of tracker use and stumbled on hum-gtk - a gtk music player that combines three very-close-at-heart projects together: gstreamer, vala and tracker. It's a simple app, the picture speaks louder than any description:

But the true greatness comes when you look at the source code of it. I dare you - do take a look at it:

You can see that you can make a decent music player (yeah, it's the 0.1 stage, so no-one is expecting a miracle) with just tiny amount of code.

Oh, by the way, I've published a new version of theme maker that has lot's of good fixes and font support and I'm now working on including icon support to the diablo.
[edit] The screenshot is from the 0.1 version that was written on c. The code is still very neat, but not just vala.


  1. Well, vala version isn't quite working yet, but the c code of the 0.1 version isn't too complicated either:

  2. Urho -

    If you're re-adding icon support to ThemeMaker, please keep in mind that most icons (including the tasknav and statusbar icons) are themeable; you don't have to replace Nokia's icons, as you've done in some previous versions.

    The first step is to add the following line to ThemeMaker's gtkrc file:
    gtk-icon-theme-name = "THEME_NAME"

    Install the icons in /usr/share/icons/THEME_NAME (following the directory structure found in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/)

    Finally, create an index.theme file based on the one in the hicolor directory. (Or see here for details.)

    When switching between themes with icon sets, the user must restart in order to reload certain icons (Maemo bug 3659). Still, this is obviously preferable to having only one icon set installed at a time with no way to switch to another (short of reinstalling/uninstalling themes).

    Also worth considering: since most icons are already themeable, Nokia could make theme creation a lot easier by putting the icons into the theme template, or a separate icon template (which we're doing for our next release).

  3. Thanks for the help Ian. I'm now doing it exactly as you suggested.

  4. Urho,

    Thanks for the mention (I'm the author of Hum). I have a kinda-almost-working version on my hard drive written in Vala, but I had put it on hold due to funkiness in Vala's DBus bindings and lots of turmoil in my personal life. Hum has gotten a little attention in the past week or so, much to my surprise, and so I'm resurrecting the Vala version.

    I'll let you know when I gather things together and check in all the new code. I'd love to have some help hacking on it!

  5. Brian, I should get in touch with you then. Tell me what is going on with dbus bindings and I'm sure Jürg Billeter will be more than happy to fix the issues.

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