Thursday, November 27, 2008

UKMP 1.83 released to repositories

A week of tuneups and I feel confident putting the portrait ukmp to maemo extras. It's there now available as update to previous users of ukmp.Album art downloading was greatly improved on version 1.82, so 1.83 will remove your existing cover art upon install. 1.83 added the final touches like play/pause button to work properly and some layout tuneups. Shuffle logic is still horrible and I really need to revisit that for the next version.

Other known irritations are that only fisrt 35 songs are visible on each album, so if you have e.g. Rolling Stones top 500 songs as one album, you'll be very dissatisfied with ukmp. I'm trying to bridge the gap between what is now and having 500 songs on an album, but it's not going to work on the next release. Also, everyone should be plesed to notice the exit button on top right corner, with me being the most pleased, because perhaps this will stop emails to me asking how to close ukmp. 1.82 also came with proper support for collection albums. Now the song artist is displayed in the song list view for collection albums. It's simple, yet very rewarding feature.

No more words: Click here to install .

Oh, I'll be posting a new video for the next version. Check out my previous post for the 1.80 release video.


  1. Anonymous13:22

    is it still possible to delete your music. that has caught me out before :-(

  2. it's still possible to delete music in the same way as before. Did you have suggestions on how to do it better?

  3. Hi, it's cool but very unstable on N800. Previous version was much more better.

    My suggestion for deleting is to become a popu-menu when klicking and stay on position as it is at other applications.

  4. Hmm.. unstable you say? For me it's been much more stable, but milage may vary. I'll be doing more testing and if you can help me understand on what is causing the instabilities, that would be just perfect. Keep the feedback flowing.

    bugzilla is in:

  5. I thought I read UKMP supported .m4a files, but it didn't find any of mine, just the mp3 podcasts.

    Would be nice to have control over where it searches.

    Also quite slow to start up.

    Otherwise a very likeable app

  6. Anonymous23:23

    Bad news!! I installed on my N800 running latest release of Diablo. When I run it little box appears in the corner saying 'loading' then .... Nothing Happens!!! LOL LOL!!! I un-installed and re-installed twice and rebooted. Still your program does not run. UKTUBE does not run either!!

  7. Anonymous01:32

    I think it should be much more difficult to delete music. I dont think a music player even needs to be able to delete the music.

  8. Well, ukmp requires net connection on first start. That may be causing the loading... issue.

    Subsequent starts should be much faster.

    m4a files should work. I'll check what is the issue with them. I'll let add an update soonish for the m4a (and ogg).

    Deletion is a matter of taste. I agree there should be a confirmation step, but it should not be harder than that.

  9. lauaki08:50

    Okay, here are my first impressions (N800):

    The look & feel is FANTASTIC.
    The CoverArt functionality is just wonderful, and it's very responsive.

    Like many others, I managed to instantly delete a file, have a few crooked tags displayed, and I had a few crashes and instances where I had to manually kill the process - guess I shouldn't have tried out ogg before it was even supported ...

    On my wishlist would always be an easy way to toggle fullscreen, for background listening - hey, great work so far !

  10. lauaki12:17

    Oops, wish fulfilled ... but : The 'Back' button is not visible in non-fullscreen mode, but the 'Quit' button is - shouldn't it better be the other way round ?

  11. I totally agree with that:

    "I think it should be much more difficult to delete music. I dont think a music player even needs to be able to delete the music."

    But maybe a confirmation before deleting a file will be good enough.
    Actualy its a very nice looking application for teh tablets.

    Btw. supports ukmp scrobbling to (direct or indirect)?

  12. Anonymous02:07

    Why the tagged album art is NOT supported? By default ukmp downloads (in my case) some random album covers. In addition the song titles are shown as some weird formatting texts => other music players for OS2008 do not have these features.

  13. lauaki09:29

    Me again :
    UKMP does sound a little thin when compared to the standard media player, and it's unclear to me whether it really causes that high a CPU load when playing (Load Applet shows 100%, while the process listed only uses a few percent).

  14. Anonymous02:09

    m4a error example, ukmp launched from terminal:
    Removing (M4A) /media/mmc2/Musik/Motörhead/Kiss of Death/13 Whiplash.m4a since we could not identify it sufficiently

    exactly same for every song

  15. didnt the older ukmp play video too? I don't see that as an option anymore...