Monday, December 07, 2009

Theme Maker 1.2.5 out - Fremantle Beta

Now theme maker is on the Beta level. You can actually consider creating themes with this one and give those to your friends and not only to your enemies.

What really was improved:
1. Optification - Theme maker theme deb files are optified so they don't eat any root
2. Icons are also optified
3. Fonts work again (and are stored in user home, which is as good as optification)
4. Theme selection works now without need for device reboot

What is missing:
1. build-deb needs to be added - not a biggie
2. Icons need user to restart the device - it's a bug in the launcher code, that is being fixed by Nokia tam .
3. Application manager new icons are not yet themable - doh! - I cannot release features that haven't officially been released. Damn!
4. Theme based transition tuning is not yet part of theme maker - see above

I guess the bottom line is that I'll be releasing a new version soonish, but you'll at least now know what is going to be in there. I'll probably make a 1.2.6 version that fixes at least the part 3. by having a copy of the icons from the base theme.

Download here: Garage

Have a test with nuvofre in the same location.

I'll upload some shots later on. Carry on!

EDIT: You Must delete your old theme folder for theme maker to be able to optify the content. So extract that zip to a new folder and start there from scratch. Never re-use old theme maker folders.


  1. Thanks, Urho! Always great work!

  2. Nice, thank you.. I have been waiting for this

  3. One thing I noticed about themes made with this: When you use the "slots" style sliders to set times (like alarm time) it no longer has a highlight color, so you can't see what's selected. Not an issue most places, but in some instances it's a pain. (Batch-deleting in e-mail for example...)

    Small bug, but one you can probably fix quickly. :)

  4. I always get tar creating error (data.tar.gz) at the end of the cmd-window when I'm trying to build the theme. I'm using a windows machine and latest theme maker.

  5. Anonymous12:02

    I'm getting the same error too for both 1.2.6 and 1.2.7. Seems that we're know the reason, why there are still no any good community-created themes for n900 yet ;)

    More debug info about this bug is at

  6. I have problem regarding the theme maker
    I am unable to get *.deb file after processing in theme maker(in the same folder as hoped)
    The process bar hits 100% nicely but in return it make a folder in theme maker folder with debian and usr folders inside it, where there is no debian installation file.
    Help please.