Sunday, June 13, 2010

NuvoFre 1.0.8

A quick peek at the next nuvofre is out in case you want to try it out.

I'll fix an issue in calendar coloring before I will put the next version of theme maker out.

Theme is using the nice bundled tahoma font, icons are oxygen icons from kde (kudos guys), transitions have been tuned to feel more flowy.

Download: NuvoFre_1.08

As said, grave issues with calendar, otherwise it should rock.

A few shots:


  1. Very nice indeed although I'd love to see the calendar issue solved and be able to use it full time!

    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Anonymous08:23

    media player bug still not fixed. I love this theme but it is hard to use media player when I cannot see the controls!

  3. The light grey font used on the white a lot, makes some of the text quite difficult to see. Otherwise, absolutely love the theme :D.

  4. Anonymous01:41

    i've been using droid theme for a long time,coz there was no any real alternative.
    but this one is really good and my favorite now.
    however,there are 2 things i'd love to see fixed:
    first one was mentioned's media player buttons.they are absolutly unreadable.
    second ia foreca(default weather) widget. tempreture is written black and almost unreadable too.
    thanks in advance.

  5. I built the theme accidentally with the old theme maker, so that's why the player controls were missing. Will be fixed soon. Along with a few others.

  6. Hi,

    The best theme out there, I must say it's refreshing to use a light theme and one of the pro's it makes the screen seem larger.

    Having said that could you please hurry up and update the theme i.e:
    -The virtual keyboard.
    -The slider screen, can't see the time and date.
    -Media player.
    -Maybe a plain wallpaper??..

    Thanks as always!!

  7. Anonymous06:45

    Any update on the new fixed theme? Think this theme is the best looking, only I find black plastic theme to be the quickest by far, not sure why.

  8. The most important for a lot of users to work on fouding a solution to increase the contact font size as it become uncridable