Monday, November 19, 2007

UKMP for N810 and N800 now in the repositories

I was up quite long on friday. Yeah, I know what you must be thinking: partying. Nope, I wish. I was duking it out with ukmp and maemo extras. I finally gave the decisive blow at around 4 AM. I got the ukmp uploaded to the extras repositories for bora and chinook!

I decided on friday that I won't rest until it's there. With hindsight it was a bad decision, as I was pretty wasted the whole saturday. Did manage to go partying then though. However, I'm very pleased that the update support structure is there now and that the new n810 owners will also be able to ge the new UKMP.

So, what is new with the 1.70 release compared to 1.6 series? Layout has been changed a bit, covers are bigger, reflection is done on the fly. Things just look a bit better. Also, the kinetic scrolling has been tweaked quite a lot and the progress bar (although a bit buggy) allows you to skip to correct place. I actually also had really wicked ligting effect at the place where your finger touches the screen for a while. As it was mainly eye candy, I dropped it for a while. It may be making a come-back soon, as it was really neat looking effect. I just want to add a bit more 'fun' to it.

Next up will be a few minor update releases that address the bugs and startup speed issues. And now that ukmp is in the extras repository, updating will be an easy operation for you - the users.

For developers interested in helping out, I've been switching to 'proper' practices and the svn is now up-to date all the time.

So, os2007 users can find ukmp from:

and os2008 users can find it from:

Simple, eh ;)


  1. Timm02:58

    This is great news about the best mediaplayer IMHO! One wish though: please fix ogg support, UKMP crashes hard whenever it encounters one of my many ogg files. Thank you for your work!

  2. Very nice!! I hope you add the eyecandy stuff!! Just look at the iphone, people love eyecandy even if it eats a bit of power from the batteries. More eyecandy to the users! :)

  3. is there a way to create playlists or shuffle through all music in this player? or do you have to play the albums one at a time?

  4. Thanks, Urho. One thing... I had to uninstall v1.60 before v1.70 would install successfully.

  5. I installed UKMP 1.70 and as well as in the beta, I find that scrolling such large images results in a lot more tearing than before (sometimes you can even see the top part of a cover being more on the left than the bottom part) :(

    Apart from this, amazing program as usual!

  6. Anonymous06:00

    ukmp is crashin on my n800 with the following error:

    File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 47, in copyfile

    IOError: invalid mode: wb

    Any ideas?


  7. You can do playlists throught the party mode.

    If you have such crash errors, please update your python first.

  8. Anonymous09:07

    I have r251:54863, Oct 24, 2007 installed. Is this not the latest version?

  9. Latest python is from 20.11.2007. So, you don't have the latest version.

  10. Anonymous02:56

    Can you give me a clue where to get it? Its not available as an update in app manager, and there's no announcement on the pymaemo website.


  11. Well the links are right there in the blog.

  12. Where is the EXIT button? i dont see it anymore ^_^

  13. Anonymous04:31

    I have music on my sd card but ukmp doesn't find them with the scan.They are in mp3 format in the archive folder.Canola finds them no problem

  14. just upgraded my n800 to os2008 beta. ukmp won't install be ause 'libbz2-1.0' and 'libreadline' are missing.

    Have I forgotten to add a reposiory?

  15. Is there a way to specify where to find album art? Many of my imported mp3's have no art image in UKMP

  16. .install link should be fixed now to include the repo that contains the rest of the python dependencies.

    wm newmedia:
    cover images can be specified in mmc/covers directory. It's by default the external one, but if external mmc is missing, it will use the internal mmc instead.

  17. Konttori,

    I have just installed 1.70 and I have to say, that in addition to being the most attractive and intuitive media player available for the n800, it's also interestingly, the one with the best performance for large libraries (I have about 5gb of music on an SDHC card).

    The fact that the default n800 Media Player application has to refresh my song list, not just on every load, but on every re-display of the song list (for instance, switching from the "Now Playing" screen, is patently retarded.

    Two questions:

    1. Is there any room for improvement of performance for the initial load? I can't tell if it's rebuilding the song/album library or merely loading up the album art.

    2. Is there any way to display and scroll my albums in alphabetical order from left-to-right, as opposed to right-to-left?

  18. Where can I find (and what version is the right one) mplayer for an n810 running OS2008?
    I've been googling and googling and trying to install different versions with no luck.

    Thanks in advance - UKMP looks awesome.

  19. Anonymous00:45

    No 770 love? I can't get my Youtube videos anymore :(

  20. subito18:48

    This is a hack but if you're missing libbz2 and libreadline, just install fbreader from and it will provide your N810 with the libraries it needs to install UKMP.

  21. Anonymous09:40

    Mahtavaa, kiitos urho!

  22. makel18:39

    There is problem with maemoscrobbler. It sends track number before track name to and that little thing ruins my stats.

    Like this:
    Cat Stevens - 08 Wild World

    Otherwise pretty great app.

  23. MrRossi16:30

    Runnin OS2008 on a N800 and can not get UKMP to start. The screen turnes black and then just returns to home.
    Any ideas - Thanks

  24. Gene22:05

    1.70 and the offical os2008 os don't seem to work.. consistently gets a corrupted error when downloading from repository

  25. sigh...

    The corruption issue is an issue with the repositories is hosting.

  26. Mike09:56


    I have an n800, os2008. I'm getting the same issue as mentioned above:

    File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 47, in copyfile

    IOError: invalid mode: wb

    Python for 2008 from the repositories seems to be earlier than the verson you mentioned above. Can you tell me where to get the 20.11.2007 or later version, please.

    Many thanks.

  27. Have latest N800/OS2008 installed without trashing it with restore.
    Downloaded 1.7 and installed fine.

    Something is wrong with the VOLUME control. I can change the volume from 0 to about HALF the volume of the OS2008 media player, but no higher. The music is never loud enough to listen to. Everything else seems to work.

    If there's supposed to be an onscreen volume graphic, it never shows, either. The volume buttons work, but only up to about half volume, then it stops.

    Thanks for great UKMP. All files are MP3, so don't know about OGG troubles.

  28. joebloggs11:08

    Hi Konttori,

    I've tried all the media players and yours is by far the best :)

    Quick bug report:

    Using Nokia N800 OS2008

    1. trying to pause music then select another track hit pause again sometimes it doesn't work and seems to be running both music files at the same time !

    2. sometime locks up when trying to return to main screen when playing a song

    3. local videos frame rate is about 1 every 2 seconds, any ideas?


    Would like more options/control (i.e a playlist)

    Would be good to have image support to complete the package

    How do i get WMV and all my DIVX to work?

    Despite all the above i still love the app so keep up the excellent work :)

  29. Excellent work! This is my favorite music player on the N800 but I would like more features. So my question is: where is the source code and will I need a login to access the svn?

  30. ukmp is python, so the source code is now on your device!

    You can also access the svn from:

  31. Nice player! Is there a listing showing the differences from V1.60?
    I'm not sure if some things I am seeing are bugs or the way it's supposed to be. Is there an exit button? If not how do I exit? If the covers are wrong, is there a way to change? Can I remove items form the the library? It is loading up all my saved email audio files from GrandCentral. Thanks

  32. @paul:
    No listing.

    They are probably bugs. I'll try to release a bug fix version soon... (I always say that)

    There is no exit button. Keep esc pressed to exit, or go from full screen and close the app.

    You can change covers in mmc/covers directory.

    You can delete items in delete mode.

    Ah. There is no blacklist at the moment. Maybe I'll need to add one.

  33. Thanks Konttori.

    Is there some place I can find some kind of documentation? I couldn't find a delete mode or a party mode.

    Is there an official spot to post bugs or problems?

  34. well, in the album list view, click on the continuous mode button.
    It'll toggle to party mode. click again and it'll turn to delete mode.
    Granted it's not too well documented / visible /easy to use feature.
    Once you are in delete mode, click on a song to delete it.


  35. h-kachal22:48

    Any chance of getting a version of ukmp that works on os2008he? This is a very good os for the 770 but one of my favourite programes, UKMP, doesn't work on it.
    Many thanks

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  37. Anonymous01:35

    what's up with ? the OS2007 version is on the site but not OS2008. any clues? ta. -nils

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