Thursday, April 27, 2006

Maemo Theme Maker 0.4

Latest version is finally here!

I had time to fix some existing bugs and here it is. The latest version includes scroll bars and progress bar.

It also includes an example theme image NuvoTheme, which you can see on these next few screenshots. It is a prototype like theme and serves as a testing ground for the theme maker.

Unfortunately installation of themes still requires root access, but I'm still hopefull that it can be improved even before OS 2006.

I also noticed that Opera doesn't use the same theme file as other programs do. For example the scroll bars are still the same in Opera even if you change them in your theme.

Download Theme Maker 0.4
Download NuvoTheme


  1. Nice! :-) I started some new theme work, so I'll have to test this this week...

    How much of the themeable Maemo stuff is included currently? For example tko noticed that apparently the little coloured bar left of the virtual keyboard was not included, if you take a look at the default themes there is a continuous S-kind of curve/border/frame going through the display when you are inputting text in an application.

  2. Yeah! I'll include those for the next version. If I have the time, it'll be tomorrow.

    I'll also try to add the icon for the next release.

    I would say that most of the stuff is now done, well, most of the interesting stuff. Icons and such are naturally not there and won't be for a while.

    Volume and such bars are still missing, but I'll try to add them soon as well.

    We're getting there... slowly, but steadily.

    Oh, if you have any good ideas, just let me know, all right!

  3. I wonder. Couldn't you provide the theme as a gzipped file? Nokia770 lacks an unzip app. If you gzipped it I could download and install it directly without the need for another computer. The theme looks pretty nice, way to go.

  4. Very nice idea bout the gzipping the theme. I will definately think about it.

  5. I made a windows xp theme:

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