Thursday, July 05, 2007

UKTUBE 0.6 out, UKMP 1.4 out (in beta)


Uktube 0.6 adds support for streaming of videos. You no longer have to wait for the video to finish downloading, as UKTUBE will just buffer the first one megabyte and then start playing.

I also added delete, which deletes the file, takes it out of the dropdown and selects the next video.

UKMP 1.4

UKMP 1.4 has major feature of supporting video. Now, basically that means that it also needs mplayer. As UKMP and UKTUBE are bundled together you would need mplayer for uktube anyway, so I don't see that as too much of a problem. What makes this really beta quality is that ukmp cannot make thumbnails of the videos by itself. It relies on UKTUBE to make thumbnails for the videos it downloads. If Serge (ssvb) can compile mplayer with support for -vo jpeg, I can add the thumbnails automatically on start.

Have a look at the video to see how watching videos works on UKMP at the moment.

About the release:
I managed to squeeze out the major bugs from UKMP 1.4 and UKTUBE 0.6. I'm about to leave for a week long vacation, so I felt that even though I would have wanted to give both of the apps some more polish, I just didn't have the time to do it. In any case, I'm relatively happy on how the new features turned out.

1.5 of UKMP will focus on improving the UI to look better. Thanks Roope Rainisto for a very good suggestion on the songlist part. I will implement that to the 1.5 version.

You can download the latest version of UKMP and UKTUBE from here:

and remember that you need to have python and mplayer installed. If you don't have them, install them first from here:


  1. Hi i just upgraded to 1.4...i had this weird problem where the app was quiting when scanning the SDs... i removed some Mp3s from my cards and it worked i think that some mp3s might not be compatibles with the scanning process...just my 2cts...but very nice app anyway! i have to test Uktube but the 1.5 was fine for me already!
    nice work anyway! can't wait your future releases!

  2. Can you open xterm and open command:
    Then see what crashes the thing with your sd in.

    Let me know what gives and I'll try to fix it asap. Also, try installing again.


  3. Anonymous16:50

    Great app. Thanks for developing.

    Any thoughts about something that can port content from or

  4. Hey Konttori!
    i tried to reinstall but it still quit when scanning...i'll try the Xterm thing tonight, and keep you informed!
    tried Uktube too, nothing to report, really good app!Oh...maybe i didn't notice it, but is there a browse button to save your Dled files?
    enjoy your vacation! :)

  5. Anonymous23:45

    I would rater have one good audio payer, that would support aac (or unprotecreed itunes) files and cov art, than a swiss army knife made in china that does nothing well.
    so get the audio player in shape before venturing into new areas.

    The built in audio player oon the n800 supports aac files, but not ccover art.

    And why do you not comment on aac support as there are others requesting it as well?

  6. Hi guys,

    AAC really has not been priority as I don't have any AAC files, the same applies to WMA. I can add the same level of support as is at the moment for ogg files. I need a few test files and a test subject. After I have those I should be able to get them working pretty quickly.

    email me if you want the aac / wma support.

  7. Did you fix the ogg problem (stalling between songs) in this release? If not, I'm happy to send an album of your choice from my collection for test purposes :)

  8. this looks like great work - i'll be installing it after i flash to the newest firmware (right now) - looking forward to it!

  9. Hello,

    the UKTUBE application works absolutely great on my Nokia 770. Now it has all the features that I expect from such tool. Thank you very much.

    But why you have removed the light version of the UKMP? I was very nice.

    I also have noticed some minor issues in the UKMP (Nokia 770, Python 2.5):
    a) video icons remain visible after change of mode from "video" to "audio"
    b) it seems that the played video is different from the one I have selected (or UKMP mixes thubnails for videos).

    Best regards,
    Jiri Brozovsky

  10. Mine just seems to crash when trying to download or play :( I've got Python and mplayer installed and I have an active internet connection.

  11. Ogg works now! Rock!

  12. whatmeworry05:57

    Not sure if this is a known issue or not but I am finding that UKTUBE doesn't work for videos that require you to verify your date of birth. It just closes itself when I try to view or download these.

  13. I'll have a look at ability to insert your age.

  14. how can i remove video's i don't want anymore?

  15. in uktube, just select the file from dropdown and select delete. In ukmp, delete will be added to soon to be released 1.4 (non-beta) version.

  16. By trying to pause playback in the latest beta, I managed to delete a file. Very irritating. Put that delete button somewhere far away from play and pause, if it has to be in the main UI anywhere at all.

  17. Delete works so that you select the delete song mode and after that
    all song clicks are deletes. It's not possible to delete a song by accident, as you have to be in delete mode before. Well, I'll try to put the delete mode a bit clearer that it's not possible to not to know that you are in delete mode.

    By the way, did you know that you can just press dpad middle button to pause?

  18. Anonymous17:52


    i'm a regular user of your UKmp/Utkube, and even if it's not yet perfect, we can still see that it'll be soon a must have!
    i was just wondering how difficult for you it would be to create a kinetic scrolling like the one in Quiver..i know it's really eye candy, but it would be really nice...
    thanks again for these apps!

  19. HEY,
    this is cool
    i like the album layouts...
    and the album scrolling feature
    keep up the good work...
    look forward to the next version!!

  20. hola,
    i have just a couple of bug reports--
    1- the UKMP keeps running even when the n800 is shut down!
    the music keeps coming out of the speakers after the shutdown command is given and the nokia seems to shut down...
    when it it turned back on, it doesnt go through the bootup (line across the bottom) it just comes up and the music keeps playing
    the app has to be closed out before booting down the n800
    2-- sometimes it will continuously play from song to song, sometimes not---
    sometimes it will just stop playing after one, or two or three songs...
    then you have to manually click on another song to get it going... then the same problem will reoccur...
    also, the pause/play button seems to not always go off/on... the music will stop /start, but the button does not show the change---the play/pause always seems to show up on the screen correctly when using the external buttons, but not the touchscreen...

    i am using UKMP1.4, and 4.2007.26-8 with python 2.5
    hope this helps!

  21. Pollux12:23

    I installed python 2.4 and on top UKTUBE. I did not install correctly. I have the relevant icons in "extras" but do not respond. I uninstalled python 2.4 to install 2.5 but that doesn't work. How can I uninstall UKTUBE and UKMP so that I can reintall everything from the beginning?

  22. Anonymous18:12

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  23. UKTUBE 0.6 supports streaming of downloads and you can start watching after a few seconds of buffering of youtube / dailymotion videos.