Sunday, August 26, 2007

uktube bugfix version released

Thanks to guys at internettablettalk, I noticed that youtube had changed the way video files are referred on the page source code. Thus, uktube stopped working until this problem had been fixed. I was just able to fix and test it a few minutes ago and I wanted to let you all know that the problem has been fixed and there is a new version for you to download.

So, once again, thanks for letting me know of the uktube bug. UKMP 1.62 only fixes uktube bug in downloading youtube videos. So, don't expect any fixes related to ogg files.

It seems that ogg installation at the moment is missing ogg demux for some users. I'll try to get oggs working again in ukmp for the 1.63 release some time next week


Download here:


  1. Anonymous10:00

    The download link (click to install) is dead.

  2. Thanks Konttori for such a great app.

    I have a bug report. In my n800 the title of the album (and image) displayed is wrong. For instance, I am currently listening to the Dark Side of the Moon, but UKMP displays Suzanne Vega (both albums are present).

    Also, and this is more a feature request, when the display dims it is useful to "wake it up" by touching the screen. Currently when I touch the screen the artcover starts to scroll. I think it would be good idea not to scroll by simply tapping the screen, but that is just my opinion. Again, thanks for such a nice app.


  3. Anonymous00:30

    Songs do not play continuously. only one song is playing at a time in 'continuous' mode.How can I make all songs of an album to play one after another?

    Party mode also do not work.

    I have AAC and MP3 tracks in the albums.

    Also thumbnail of video file not showing

  4. Anonymous09:53

    Install link doesn't seem to work, it loads a "debian binary" file as text in the browser.

  5. Hello Urho,

    I just got a 770/OS2006 and love it- except for not getting flash web videos to play.

    The UKtube version I first got had the download hangup others report.

    When I read about this newer version,I couldn't download it either.

    Will it still work on a 770/os2006? I'm apprehensive about loading OS2007 on my 770.

    Thanks for all your fine efforts, I hope to hear soon from you!

  6. Anonymous23:50

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