Sunday, April 15, 2007

Media Converter Optimized for N800

I finally installed the latest firmware to N800 a few days ago. Video Playback had been improved immensely for that release. Kudos to the Nokia team for making it happen. It's spendid!

Sadly, I noticed that video stretching no longer worked in the same manner as it used to work in the previous firmware and most of the videos encoded with Media Converter no longer worked on the new one. But this was nicely balanced by the fact that I noticed that resolution of 640x384 worked in the new firmware. While testing it later, I found that balance of roughly 14 fps on that resolution was pretty much perfect between frame drops and normal smooth playback. Thus - a new MC release.

I also settled on 768 kbps to be the best default (anyone care to comment on this), as the idea of using such a high resolution means you want a good image quality - and that can't be had on low bit rate.

For demonstrative purposes, I give you the following in 640x368 for N800:

30 sec clip from Oceans 13.
30 sec clip from Sunshine.

They are made on the optimized mode, thus the cropping. Optimized mode just looks so much better on N800 than the movie aspect 2.39.


Though so!

Download here for:

OSX Intel

I Accidentally released first a version that didn't have the fps set correctly. Thus the latest version is 1.41 in garage.


  1. Thanks, man! My life has gained meaning again. :)

  2. I can't seem to find the source code. Is it available somewhere?

  3. It's a Java program. It's all source!

  4. Hi. Tried both 14 fps and 12.5 fps (since my source material was a PAL DVD with 25 fps) at 640 width and the result was rather choppy. So far I still prefer 400x240 at up to 30 fps. The result turns out to be much better.

  5. 400x240 gives a nice picture indeed. However... I still appear to have cropping problems with at least one movie: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly refuses to render correctly if cropping has been deselected. I keep getting a squashed picture. The fullscreen render is OK, but it kinda takes away a lot of the experience of the final, three-way duel if you never see more than two of the gunslinging b*st*rds. :)

  6. How can I change the fps settings to those of hanno's?

  7. karel:

    Erm, bytecode is not source code. Are you familiar with Java?

  8. Your OSX Intel link is broken

  9. Anonymous03:01

    you can decompile the class files almost effortlessly to obtain the source code, but the point is, the author should have appended it to the package in the first place, instead of leaving us to "reverse engineer". it's just against the spirit of the share if you know what i mean.

  10. Hey, the code is in svn in: