Sunday, April 22, 2007

Theme Maker updated to support N800

I've just released a new theme maker version. It is available from:

It will produce themes that work on all nokia internet tablet devices and firmwares (N800 and 770). I had to drop support for background image for this version. It will come in some form in a near future release.

Notice that the template image size is a bit bigger than previously and the colors are now in the image itself, on the very right side of the image. For the colors, thanks goes to tigert and mdk who work at nokia. Give lots of kudos to them.

There is also an example theme that you can download and test, nuvotheme: download here.
I think it's pretty sweet and I use it myself these days. It's nice and simple. And uses a font size that *I* like, which probably means it's too small for the most.

I'm also like *this* close to being able to support Bora template images that Nokia has created. But I'm missing the time to debug what is wrong in the current state of things.


  1. Have you been able to reproduce #1187? It's really irritating having the much-too-large default font size on my N800 :-(

  2. Nope, I haven't been able to reproduce that. Theme maker themes seem to be working just correctly when it comes to font sizes. Perhaps there is a font definition missing from the plankton themes gtkrc.

  3. Except a smaller font theme which I created which worked fine in OS2007v2 only changes the Matchbox window title font size in OS2007v3.

  4. OK. For the completely ignorant... like me. How do I use this program? Do I create themes using my N800, or can I use WinXP?

  5. Hi, I downloaded your NuvoTheme.deb theme to my n800 this evening, and when I go to install it App Manager says the installation file is corrupted! Any ideas why this may be happening? Thanks.

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