Thursday, April 26, 2007

UK Media Player Community Release Candidate 3 out

If you thought iPhone had nice and smooth scrolling and had tested earlier release of ukmp, you must have felt a bit down afterwards. Is this all the device can do? Or is it just the coders messing up of things.

Fortunately it was my bad.

Smooth scrolling was probably like half a frame per second in the RC2, worse in the earlier ones. So, I decided to make some manual profiling on osx and found that one frame update in smooth scrolling took 0.0133 seconds. Wow, that's a lot for a dual core computer. Must be something wrong with the code. A little tinkering with the surface blitting flags and it was down to 0.0068. 2x improvement! I was stunned. Anything else I could do? Well, some more profiling and the next hot spot was found. Updating of the covers position (and some other random stuff related to that) on the screen was culprit of 0.003 secs. So, some tuning up and phew, a frame took only 0.0034 secs to render on osx. Quite an improvement from 0.013 to 0.003.

So, now I can honestly give you smooth scrolling on UKMP.

Other improvements are not so noticeable, such as improved sorting on all fronts, shuffle that works and tons of small fixes.

I can honestly say that this is worth the upgrade.

You'll need python for it to work. If you don't have it, fetch it from here:

Oh, a word of warning: mp3s that have images in the id3 tags, seem to crash the player when played. Working on that still.


  1. The UI is nice, but I could not get it to play unprotected aac files (iTunes / *.m4a). They are quite commonplace these days.

    The built-in media player does support them so it would be nice if those could be supported, as well.

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