Thursday, April 12, 2007

UKMP Community RC2 out!


I found almost two hours of free time to work on UK MP today. And going through the bugs in the RC1 was smooth sailing this time. Album navigation works now as it's supposed to (you can navigate the other albums while playing one. Press next button and it will play next song in the album that you were listening to ... Yeah, that wasn't the case before).

I also installed latest firmware to my N800 and found out some crash bugs from that, which I Naturally, fixed. Next, I got info from dev of coherence project on how to setup the volume in the app and tuned the + and - buttons to work for the volume. Immediately I noticed that it's missing some sort of graphical hint on what level it's currently on. Well, won't happen for 1.0 release.

All right. Is that it? Pretty much. I feel that UKMP is very much ready for prime time. So, grab it and run it. You shouldn't stumble on many bugs anymore. Oh, make sure you have network open if you need album artwork to be downloaded. It'll cache them, so it's a one time thing.

If you don't have python installed, grab python 2.4 form here:

On a sadder note, I tried to install NuvoTheme on the device after flashing, but it wasn't installing. Oh well, some bug hunting to be done in the weekend.


  1. When I first saw "UK MP" I wondered what United Kingdom's Members of Parliament had to do with the N800.

  2. Great work! I like the player a lot, it's simple and cool.

    I have one suggestion though. If ther e is a jpg or png image in the folder why not use it instead of looking up artwork on Yahoo? I have all my music with cover art already and for some albums, especially non-US/UK the lookup doesn't get the right image.


  3. Although, I have given some consideration to using images from music folder, I have yet been a bit too busy implementing the core functionality to be looking into that. I must say that that actually does sound like a really good idea and I'll probably implement it rather sooner than later.