Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Theme Maker 1.0 Ready

I took some time to get the theme maker to a 1.0 condition.

Great things about this 1.0 compared to previous betas:
  1. Colors are embedded in the image itself
  2. Full set of buttons and widgets (well... almost)
  3. User customizable postinst and prerm
  4. You can make a black theme
Here's proof of the 4 th improvement:

Cool, eh?

While testing the 'blackness', I also made a NuvoBlack theme as pictured above.

For part two, I give you keyboards from theme NuvoPearl:

And don't worry, the theme template hasn't become any bigger or more complicated than in previous versions. I also included both NuvoPearl and NuvoBlack as template images, so that you can easily modify them to make your own theme. Seriously, making a theme takes fifteen minutes if you use those templates as a basis.

Download theme maker and NuvoBlack /NuvoPearl from here: Garage
Please Note that installing NuvoBlack / Pearl will change some of your icons as well. They won't change until you reboot. Uninstalling theme will put back the original icons.

Lastly, to try to get more people to create exciting themes, I put together a two minute tutorial to theming and uploaded it to youtube. Have a look, it's really simple. Sorry for not narrating the tutorial. I hope it's self explanatory even without it.

Oh, and in case anyone of you needs to take screenshots on your N800, the only screenshot utility I found that works is gnuites:

Bear in mind that you have to go to control panel to add the applet to your toolbar.


  1. Hi ...you make greats apps for the maemo... thanks a lot

    but for the theme i've try to install it but it show only the icons and startup screen....

    ... :(

  2. oh yeah Nokia n800 it 2007

  3. You also have to change to that theme. Open home views menu. From there, choose tools and then themes...

    In there you can choose your theme.

  4. Hei, good looking theme! One thing bothers though... the rss newsreader app has black fonts on black background... kinda bad :(

    Do you know how to change it to have white fonts as elsewhere? The fonts are black on the list of feeds.

  5. Thanks for creating this program.

    I am having trouble installing themes.

    when i copy file over to n800 it then open it with application manager it says that the file is corrupt?

    I just can't seem to get the theme to install.

    Any ideas?


  6. Seems like the latest firmware is having trouble with the theme maker installer packages. I'm in discussions with a guy at nokia on how to solve this. I hope we'll be able to fix it soon and I can release updated theme maker.

  7. Can't wait till you get it working with the updated firmware... your program is great,takes all the "tech" work out and lets designers concentrate on making good looking themes. Thumbs up buddy

  8. Jari02:52

    About the problem with new firmware: It seems that the tar archives inside the deb package fail to extract.

    Running dpkg from command line I get:
    tar: invalid number ' 14100'

    With GNU tar I can extract the files but with busybox tar (on N800) it fails. Perhaps you're creating the tarballs in some ancient/rare format (ustar?) that is not anymore supported by busybox tar?

  9. Have you heard how to get the Themes to install or if they are releasing a firmware fix so we can install custom themes?

    just curious

  10. I read some time ago on the developer list that the installer had been fixed to support the theme maker packages. So, I would guess that when the next firmware is out, this fix will be included in it.

  11. Anonymous06:18

    May I make a suggestion that you add "what kind" of theme maker you are offering in the title of your post/blog? - As it turns out, I was looking for something completely different and after wading through a "lot" of text, finally realized your helper wasn't what I was looking for at all...really frustrating