Monday, June 25, 2007

UKTUBE 0.2 out

I just released a bug fix version of uktube.

You can download it from:

It handles youtube clips better than before (seems to download all clips while the previous version had problems with some of the clips).

Files are now stored with the video title instead of the youtube id. This makes it much easier to access the archived files in mplayer. and others are now converted to use address. Thus, you don't have to manyally change the url.

Video playback is now smoother than before and it uses the default mplayer config (you can seek, access mplyer menus and stuff like that).

Files are now stored in mmc1/Videos or mmc2/Videos.

UI stalls just a little less than before ;) - still, don't press the download button twice!

If someone knows hot to (or if) make mplayer crop the playback video, I could add the option of playing clips in 16:9 mode as well. Now all videos are played in 4:3 mode.

So, to wrap the install instructions, you need to install python and mplayer for uktube to work. Here are the installer links:
Python (as ever)

And again, the updated uktube:

Here is the initial uktube release video in case you missed in the last time.

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