Wednesday, June 06, 2007

UKMP 1.1

Usually 1.0 versions need a quick 1.01 version. Quite surprisingly this was not the case for UKMP release. I didn't receive a single critical bug report. One seemingly annoying bug that was reported was that some people didn't have much luck with the album cover downloads. This has now been greatly improved for the 1.1 version. Yes. 1.1 is now ready for public consumption. Both, the accuracy of the cover images, as well as the quality of the images has been improved.

A single most often asked improvement was support for OGG files. This may be mostly due to me specifically asking no-one to say anything related to playlists, partylists or queues of any sort. Where was I? Oh yes, OGG support. A rather good first step support has been added now. UKMP loads ogg files and can play them as well. Album data for OGG files is based on the folder file is located in. This is not a long term solution, I will add proper tag reading for ogg files soon enough.

If ... no, WHEN you install UKMP 1.1, installer will ask you if you want to clean your cover images. I strongly recommend you to do it if you haven't perfected the covers yourself. As many of you already tried the 1.0 version (650+ downloads in a week from garage), you probably noticed that the first time you open UKMP it takes a while to download the cover images. The process was boring and only displayed the progress in a manner of showing the downloaded album name. 1.1 improves this by also displaying the cover image below the album name. So, slighly less boring first time. Ok, maybe it's a 'second time' for some of you if you opt to clear the archived cover images (which I still recommend).

And lastly, the code has been cleaned up slightly, resulting in a tiny bit faster functionality than 1.0.

While I've been writing this blog, five people have downloaded 1.0 version. I hope they don't mind downloading the 1.1 while they are at it.

1.1 is available from
Garage download page.
It needs python, so if you don't have it, you can install it from here:
Python maemo

If you want to have OGG support, install OGG libraries, which have been ported by Tuomas Kulve.

An installer for them is here:


  1. doesn't install for me :/ Says it requires a python install that it doesn't know where to find. It is possible to put repos for dependencies in the .install file, right? If so, could that be done here?

    (I'm running a fairly stock N800 install.)

  2. Never mind, figured it out. (Would still be nice to fix in the .install.) But wow... very slick software. Thanks!

  3. Great to hear that you like it.

    .install is a bit tricky thing, as I could easily include the debian to the install file. But if you have to install python, it resides in a different repository and one install file can only have one repository to be included. Thus it really wouldn't help at all. If Nokia included python in their main repos, then it would be a totally different thing. But as it is, there isn't much benefit from an install file. I'll try to make a good installation instruction soon.

  4. one install file can only have one repository to be included.

    Oh! I didn't know that. You're right, then.

    One thing I did notice today- when I load an album, and play the first song, it seems I have to manually select the second one- the second song doesn't just automatically play when the first song is done. Am I missing something? It seems like that should be the default behavior.

    (This is with oggs, rather than mp3s, if that makes a difference.)

    Also, it wasn't obvious how I 'fix' the albums- is there any way to do that in the UI, or do I just have to munge the directory names until something works?

    (Also, should I be asking these questions somewhere other than your blog? :)

  5. Hi, I recommend commenting on the internettablettalk forums.

    For example, in this case, here:

    OGG support is a bit early and all my collection is in mp3s, so I assume, the behaviour you are talking about, is a bug and I'll try to DL a few more ogg songs and try to debug it out.

    Album names come form the directory they are in for ogg files. mp3 files are based on their id3 tags.

    THe cover images are stored in covers directory on the root of mmc1 or mmc2.

  6. Thanks! Looks like it is ogg-specific- I tried one of the 2 or 3 albums I have in mp3, and they go from track to track just as expected.

    BTW, where do you look up album covers? Just curious... some of the downloaded covers are really funny (Zeppelin's 'II' got the album cover for the Bad Boys II soundtrack, and III was the movie soundtrack for another trilogy. :)

  7. They come from msn search. Form is pretty simple: album name artist name and (CD OR cover).

    Then it takes the first image.

    If that fails, it tries adding a few OR clauses and tries again.

    If that fails, it tries YAHOO search. If you have an improvement idea, I'm listening.

  8. Anonymous19:57

    I think muine tries amazon first.